MTC 2013: Early Registration Ends November 11th



Early registration ends on Monday, November 11th at 11:59 PM (CST).  Please take a few minutes to register today (payment with Paypal) to receive your $10 conference voucher.

This year, our “Dear Auntie”, Sister Mei-Lien, will lead the prayer ministry team to minister to the “storehouse builders” coming from all over North America and Asia.  In that, we look forward to seeing the Holy Spirit do a powerful work of revival in our midst.

Please continue to intercede with us for this important Kingdom gathering.  You may follow this link for week 6.

Below is a note from Sister Tzu-Ann Tai on the children’s ministry:

Preschool (age 3-5)

The theme this year is “Royal Invitation-Bring Heaven’s Kingdom to Earth”, led by the Inter-generation ministry team.  We, as God’s little princes and princesses, are going to get ready to bring Heaven’s Kingdom to Earth.  We will learn the four keys to prepare ourselves for this wonderful calling.  They are praise, pray/prophecy, love/forgiveness, proclaiming life/healing.  Using these four keys will enable us to obey the two Greatest Commandments, loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  Then, Heaven comes raining down on us!!  Come and learn how to become royal princes and princesses in the Kingdom of Heaven! Reference:  Four Keys to Bringing Heaven to Earth by Fred and Sonya Haley.

Elementary (grades 1-5)

This year’s theme is “Heaven on Earth”, led by Mark and Yvonne Pan. We will spend some time studying what God says about Heaven in the Bible. He is preparing a beautiful and perfect place for us! But until that time comes, what does it mean to bring Heaven to Earth? Children will be learning about real-life applications that can help them understand this concept!

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