GPC Call Info

Time: Thursday, 7 PM (U.S. Central Time), Friday, 9 AM (China/HK/Taiwan)

Dial-in Number: +1-626-677-3000

Participant Access Code: 10500

The conference bridge opens at 6:45 PM (Central Time).  Click here for conference bridge features.

If you would like to connect through Skype, please text lientai1 10 minutes before we start.  Please also mute your microphone when not speaking.

時間:美国中部時間星期四晚上7中国/香港/台湾時間星期五上午 9

如果您想通过Skype连接,请於開始前10分钟發短信給 lientai1不講话時,请將您的麦克风静音


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