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You may follow this link to see the various ways you can contribute.

Almost 19 years ago, we responded to an incredible call from the Holy Spirit – to raise up 10,500 “storehouse builders” in preparation for history’s greatest harvest and darkness.

On December 31st, 2008, the Holy Spirit stirred us to initiate a prayer forum to connect intercessors worldwide for this “storehouse strategy” call.  In the years since, the Lord has established the 10,500 Global Prayer Connect (GPC) as a weekly intercessor gathering.  During this time, it also grew into a principle forum for sharing messages to enlighten and inspire those called to become this generation’s “storehouse builders”.

Today, we have established GPC as a formal ministry of Christian Assembly of Suburban Chicago (CASC), coming under the church’s financial administration and leadership oversight.  Your generous contributions will allow us to bring on paid staff and provide ministry tools to grow GPC into a central hub for prayer, training, and connection – expanding our capacity to globally reach and disciple the “storehouse builders”.

We appreciate your consideration for funding this call of the Great Commission.  You may contribute on a monthly or quarterly basis or as a one time gift.  Please follow this link to see the various ways you can contribute:  by check, credit card (Paypal), or wire transfer.

The Holy Spirit planted the storehouse vision for the 10,000 and 500 as a prophetic seed almost 19 years ago.  God then gave us the GPC as part of the “good soil” to nurture that small seed.  Your faithful contribution and support will provide the necessary nutrients and cultivation to grow the seed into a great tree of the Kingdom.  May the Lord’s incomparable blessings come upon you as you seek first His Kingdom and righteousness.

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