About GPC

Welcome to the 10,500 weekly Global Prayer Connect.

The Global Prayer Connect provides for our partners a weekly update on the progress of the 10,500 Mandate. It also brings together the unity of our global intercessors through weekly prayer focus and fellowship.

The weekly meetings will usually have the following:

  1. Update and announcements of key events.
  2. Sharing of messages related to 10,500 Market Place Mandate and End-Time Kingdom preparation.
  3. Live intercession fellowship over our weekly prayer focus.

We connect through conference-bridge (for North America) and Skype (for Asia, Oceania, & Europe). We also provide recordings on a weekly basis.

We dedicate significant priority to Global Prayer Connect because it plays a critical role in building the spiritual foundation of the “10,000” economic network. We invite you to use the Global Prayer Connect as a primary window to partner with us in the 10,500 call, in building the End-Time “ark.”

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